Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Conditioner from

Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Conditioner

Beard Conditioner to soften your coarse beard.


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Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Conditioner

Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Conditioner from MenEssentials comes with great claims about softening up your beard. On first look, it looks a lot like any other conditioner and it doesn't have much of a scent. Once you squeeze some out you will find it's a very thick consistency. This works great on shorter beards, but does result in a little more work getting it worked into a longer one.

I'll be honest, I didn't believe the claims that it would be noticeably softer after use. I also admit I was wrong, after just the first use there was a noticeable difference. And it wasn't a placebo effect, I asked others if they thought it was softer and all agreed it was. Not only did it feel softer but it looked fuller after using the conditioner. In this regard it did everything they claimed and did it well.

The directions state to use it once or twice a week, so although it looks expensive for the amount you get it's not that bad. If you are using it as directed it lasts a good while even with a big beard which makes the $20 price good. It's still going to cost more than some cheap hair conditioner, but when it softens up your beard it is worth that little extra.

If you have coarse hair and you want to soften that up a bit, this does what it advertises. If you are using normal hair conditioner on your beard it is a good upgrade you should consider adding to your regimen. You can find it at along with other Mens grooming products.

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