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BlueBeards Original Beard Wash

There are a lot of bad soap choices out there for your beard. Soaps that will dry out your face, cause itching or damage your hair. A good place to look is for beard specific wash. BlueBeards Original Beard Wash from MenEssentials does not have any of the bad chemicals we have mentioned in other articles. In fact it contains a lot of beneficial oils such as coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera.

The scent may be a bit strong for some, it is a very lime/citrus cleaner scent to it. I did not have a problem with the scent but if you do, the good news is it dissipates rather quickly. Once you've washed and rinsed the scent is almost entirely gone. Which means you are then free to use your favorite Beard oil to get a good scent going.

A lot of shampoo's or other products can cause your beard and skin to get dry and rough. This is due to the cleaner being far to strong for your face and beard. With BlueBeards wash that is not a problem. You are left feeling clean, but without the dry skin or rough beard.

Sure $14 for 4oz bottle is not cheap, but it's worth it! Anyone that has used some cheap shampoo to wash their beard knows how awful your face starts to feel after a few days of that. It's worth it to upgrade from some cheap shampoo to BlueBeards to have an itch and flake free face.

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